End your food struggle for life.

Draw a line under emotional eating, bingeing, & weight.

Rewire your eating psychology

with fun visual learning 💭 and delicious hypnosis.

Let’s find out why you eat everything, all evening.

I know you feel like you don’t know how to be normal around food.

But I do. And I’ll show you how to un-addict from everything, except great self-talk.

Woman coming home with food in a bag

You beast it throughout work.

Then you walk through the door… and straight to the fridge.

Your evening should be ‘the good bit’.

But it passes in a blur of bingeing, or getting stuffed at supper.

Maybe you stay up late drinking wine in front of the TV, sit scrolling on your phone, or snack while you work late.

The next day, only caffeine will save you.

Your body is tired.

And you’re emotionally tired of struggling with your weight and eating.

You need to stop wasting energy changing the food. Or trying a new habit tracking app. Because this isn’t about knowing what you ‘should’ do.

It’s about WHY you keep eating things, when your HEART wants to not-eat them.

The answer is in your psychology, and see what’s actually driving your actions and compulsions.

Hint: It’s your feelings.

And for us people with the classic disordered eater’s personality, our feelings about one key area are auto-piloting this damn binge bus: WORK.

I will teach you to make food decisions in your own favour

fuelled by feelings of personal power, love, and FUN.

I have helped hundreds of people unlearn overeating and start feeling good.

The things they struggle most with, are:

  • A pushy or bullying inner voice telling them to “try harder” at work and with their eating too. (And then eating for relief from the pressure). 
  • Hustling for self-worth through validation from outside themselves – bosses’ opinions; achievements; and having a certain body. (But it’s chasing a rainbow).
  • Wanting to lose weight or feel normal around food, yet not really believing it’s possible. (But feeling like life doesn’t start for real until it’s solved).

Overeating can be unlearned.

You can learn even faster with CBT & hypnosis.

  • You can develop a focus on health and the life you want, and lose weight without a diet.
  • You can find out why you eat when you’re not hungry – for reward, out of overwhelm, or to relax, for example. 
  • You can learn about urges, and how not to be auto-piloted by them.
  • If you are having binges, you can diminish them to insignificance.

You just need curiosity, patience, and expert guidance. 

Imagine having your overeating understood.

Stopping overeating can be the one, key longterm change you need to create weight loss and maintain it.

Changing your thoughts and habits doesn’t involve gritting your teeth, going hungry, or giving up your fave foods.

Instead, I’ll teach you:

  • The Sensational Eater method to programme your thinking around food ahead of time.
  • A systematic, and self-compassionate, way to learn from mistakes.
  • How to recognise and let go of ‘restrictive’ and ‘try-hard’ thought patterns.
  • How to say ‘No’ to food, without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

I’m Laura Lloyd.

Laura Lloyd, Stop Overeating After Work

I struggled with eating in all the ways you do.

I recovered from binge eating and bulimia in my 20s. But I was left with low-level overeating.

I didn’t think I was an emotional eater. The daily anxiety of pushing myself was my ‘normal’.

Living in London, I chased a theatre career by day. And by night, I worked in news at theguardian.com.

Pastries, Diet Coke, booze, media, and watching Mad Men till dawn was how I ‘got through’ and rewarded myself. Until I learned to feel. 

ME, Germany

Sept 2023

My food cravings vanished. 

My weight went down too!


It really was an eye-opener!


I could finally get on with my life.


I've had 18 therapists. You were the best. Exceptional!


Laura transformed my life in ways I'd never dreamed of. I was given skills to handle my depression in a more pro-active way. Comfort eating, numbing, avoidance issues and my sexuality.


Laura was my lifesaver. Her eye-opening questions guided me to fight for myself.


Certified by:

Menopause coaching specialist
UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Eating Freely practitioner badge
Federation of Holistic Therapists membership

Featured on:

Stop Overeating coach Laura Lloyd on Wildhart Radio
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