I have a single download for you that will help you plan 2 weeks of balanced breakfasts in one sitting.

AND you’ll learn to eyeball your nutritional balance the easiest way on the planet.



The Sensational Starts Breakfast Planner

& No-nonsense Nutritional Balance System

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna preach the old breakfast is the most important meal’ line without helping you understand where binges and cravings can come from.
You need a balance (we’ll talk about carbs, proteins, fats and fibre later) so you your biology doesn’t compel you to search the cupboards for missing nutrition. You need variety so your pleasure centres are met and you’re satisfied for taste, not simply ‘full’. And you need quality – quality time with quality food, so you can make the most of your nourishment and fully calorie-burn it!

“I bought your Breakfast planner and wow! Lightbulb moment or what!

Not just the measurements for portions, but how to use them ?. Simples!!!

Having had frittata and salad for brunch, then feeling hungry an hour or so later I realised I had had little or no complex carbs. Need to remember some of everything in every meal or snack!

Thank you, Laura”
x Val

(The day after she purchased the planner)

Hey, I’m Laura Lloyd, and I’m a certified eating psychology coach. I binge ate through my teens, but now I’m all about eating with bodily awareness, rather than dieting. But guess what? Eating what you truly want doesn’t mean just eating whatever the hell you want, wherever you can grab it. ‘Cos vending machines suck. If what’s available is limited, so is your ability to intuitively pick good food.
So I put in a little loose planning – nothing weird and obsessive. Y’see, preparation is key to not being forced to make difficult decisions before coffee. Pretty crucial if you value your life, and still want me to find your school uniform. These days, mid-morning cravings and evening binges aren’t even an issue, because of what I’m about to share. 
See, it’s all about thinking about your meals in terms of blueprints. You can come up with some exciting real food options by: 1) Learning my solved-forever method for judging nutritional balance of any meal or snack. 2) Brainstorming all the proteins, carbs, fats and fruit and veg that you’d forgotten you actually like, but never buy. 3) Using my formulas to plug those items into my 4 breakfast blueprints (like the ‘oat bowl blueprint’ for example), to create your own variations. 4) Tweaking a done-for-you shopping list so you have great, nutritious supplies in the cupboards.

When you get up, you don’t have ‘stick to’ any fiddly meal plan.

You just have to look in the fridge, see what takes your fancy, and pick one of the variations you’ve already come up with!

Got it? It’s flexible, it’s prepared, it’s flippin’ awesomely nutritious!!

The ‘Sensational Starts’ Breakfast Planner is a digital document (so, no printing required to fill it in and use it) with: 

  • 4 breakfast blueprints
  • easy-to-fill-out formulas so you’ll have two weeks of breakfast ideas
  • a done for you shopping list
  • AND you’ll confidently judge nutritional balance of any meal or snack through the whole day, forever.

Yes. Really. And it’s on sale at a special price for a limited time.

When you learn to nourish yourself properly right from the get-go, it boosts your whole health, your calorie-burning capacity, your mood, your body image… and your whole day.

Grab your copy of the ‘Sensational Starts’ Breakfast planner – for now only – at the insane price of $7 (Normal price £15) with promo code HALF. 

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