You eat OK all day 🍏… But in the evening, you overdo everything. 🍕🍷🍫 🍫🍫🍫

If you’ve ever asked, “HOW DO I MAKE MY OVEREATING STOP?”

I have a free 20-minute video and coaching workbook for you.

I’m Laura Lloyd.

I have an easy, client-tested process to help you go from “I don’t know where to start with my overeating” to “I have habits I can work on one at a time.”

Video coaching and worksheet

The ‘Stop After-Work Overeating’ Roadmap. 

In one short video training, I’ll guide you through a proven process that reveals your triggers and weak points.

We’ll make a doable plan to solve your ‘worst’ overeating or binge eating.

And I’ll also show you how you will ultimately lose all your weight – through habit change, not the restrictive diets that have made you binge and regain.

In the Stop After-Work Overeating Roadmap coaching video, you’ll learn:


you eat after work – the thoughts and feelings.

You’ll do a powerful workbook exercise guided by a coaching video.


to break down your ‘overeating’ into solvable individual habits.

You’ll ‘mind map’ your typical triggers and ‘weak points’ in the day.


to start. And no, it’s not ‘cutting out’ any foods.

You’ll put yourself in charge and make food decisions you are willing to live by, lifelong.

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Here’s what subscribers are saying:

I did the mini course yesterday and found it really helpful!

I really liked the journaling exercise.

It felt so good to just calm down and not fret about things. That really made my day yesterday, after a couple of difficult weeks, working from at home. I’m looking forward to learning more!



👈 The time it takes to complete the whole ‘Stop After-Work Overeating  Roadmap’ exercise. 

This coaching video is for you, if:

  • You’re a hard-working person who strives for success (but fails around food) … Being ‘out of control’ isn’t like you. In every other area of life, you set yourself a goal, and you do whatever it takes to get there.
  • You’re a working parent – YOU’RE the grown-up now, so why haven’t you outgrown food struggle?  Sure, you don’t have much time – but this food thing was there before the kids. There must be reasons why other people can stick to things, but you can’t.
  • You’re done with regaining after diets, calorie-counting, banning treat food, and feeling scared for your health – it’s clear you need a psychological edge… and to make smaller, doable changes that last forever. Dieting was the way our grandmothers were taught to lose weight. Habit change is the modern, science-backed way.

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