Hi Food, I’m Home! Episode 4 features advice on how to survive family holidays without overeating emotionally. 

Do you find yourself hiding in the kitchen picking at the cheeseboard to avoid a competitive sister or a parent you’re never good enough for? You’re not alone. So many of us wonder how to survive family holidays without turning to food. 

This short clip from Episode 4 (Holiday eating tips: From buffets to leftovers, how not to overeat over Christmas) will take you through a couple of simple strategies to help you manage your mind and stop fighting with reality: People are who they are. 

The question of how to survive family holidays is a serious one. For many of us, our identity shifts to such an extent around our family that we feel a loss of integrity. It’s a big topic and it pays to look at your relationships deeply through the lens of therapies that are centred around family dynamics. 

But coaching is primarily concerned with YOU managing YOUR MIND when you get in a room with people who love and who activate your sensitivities. 

With this in mind, these lighthearted survival tips will tell you:

  • Why suddenly stopping work and trying to ‘relax’ with your loved ones isn’t as simple as it sounds.
  • A playful strategy for accepting and laughing about the aspects of your family you find typically triggering.
  • One self-care practice to do every day if you want to survive family holidays, and how to tell people you’re doing it.


Listen to the full episode: Holiday eating tips.

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