In this video preview of the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast, Laura Lloyd talks about why we regain weight after weight loss.

In the run-up to our episode on Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast (it’s going to be called ‘Regained? Lose the shame: it’s part of the journey’), let’s talk about the elephant in the room: weight regain.

Statistically, weight regain after weight loss is a likelihood, so we had better wrap our heads around it!

I cover:

🥑 Why regain is so embarrassing (even to me, who regained 20lb after losing it through habit change).

🥑 The biggest problem with regain: It feels like a failure. Why? Because our motivation to fix our eating is fuelled obsessively and exclusively by trying to get results on the scale, rather than being driven by a healthier and more productive commitment to creating the relationship with food that we want for life

🥑 Why I’m not ‘starting over’ and can just keep working on my eating and my next weight loss without any drama.

I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater. Watch this video to see why regain is also an issue for people who pursue a habit or lifestyle change eating psychology approach, as much as dieters, but how adopting a maintenance first strategy can keep you going and curious when the pounds accidentally pile back on.


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