Chickpea, you’re trying so hard to stop overeating and to lose weight, and it feels like pressure. You’re striving. 

But there’s a reason that’s hidden, that you’re not seeing right now, that’s actually setting you up for failure again and again: Striving. 

Striving. Seems productive, but believe me, it backfires. 

This episode, you’ll hear: 

1:35 Why striving was behind my binge eating 25 years ago;

3:40 What striving is, and why we adopt a striving mentality around both work, and our eating.

4:40 Why working up some inner self-talk that’s not bullying is going to pay off long-term for your weight loss and stopping overeating;

5:52 Who Aunt Fidget Wonkham-Strong is, and why I have her in my head. What ‘striving’ thoughts sound like. 

7:33 What the alternative to striving is;

8:20 Why your attempts to lose weight are like the way I try to get my kids to pick up their fucking socks. 

10:10 How to switch up your self-talk so you’re not bullying yourself. 

And for the meditation: 

11:30 What hypnosis is, and the skills that create it. 

12:17 Meditation: Seeing yourself able to choose to eat, and not-eat. 

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Watch the video of the story behind this episode: Why do I overeat when stressed? 


Prefer to enjoy it a different way? Read the transcript. 

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