Do you ever wonder… 

“How on Earth does anyone lose weight without a diet?”

I’m Laura Lloyd, an eating psychology coach. I help people lose weight without a diet.

If you’re feeling flat because diets don’t work for you, I have just THE THING to give you: a realistic way forwards.

I have made you a 1-page visual guide that makes the process of losing weight without a diet very clear to you. 


    Lose weight without dieting visual guide

    This visual guide is great to use as a poster or a reminder. It’ll show you, step-by-step:   

    • How you can actually learn to stop overeating.
    • Which skills you need to master in order to lose weight the modern way – through habit change
    • What the process of changing your eating psychology (your thoughts and feelings around food) looks like in practice. 
    Lose weight without a diet? Woman with a yoga mat reads a poster.

    You are welcome to request this guide without sharing your email address. If that’s you, message me at here.

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