You want weight loss, and to solve the food struggle, but no diet has ever worked permanently for you.

So is the whole ‘weight loss no diet’ equation an oxymoron? Is it going to involve A LOT of punishing exercise?

These are questions, as a food psychology coach, I get asked a lot.

That’s why I made an episode of the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast in Season 1 that really looks into what it would look like for you to lose your weight without using a diet to get there.

What skills you’d need to learn.

What habits you’d need to change.

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Weight loss with no diet involved doesn’t make quite the same promises as going on shiny new diet.

In other words, I’m not going to tell you the same ‘quick-fix’ lies and I don’t want you to have false expectations.

  • Weight loss can’t solve your self-esteem issues (no diet can, only psychology can).
  • Weight loss isn’t something you get to pick a number and control your body towards (but you can experiment and find your best natural weight). 
  • Weight loss can’t make you a good person even though society stigmatises fat, celebrates weight control for women, and you’ve been taught you ‘have to’ lose weight (but you can work on your self-worth and body image issues separately with coaching). 

I tease out all these issues, and start the debate around the ‘how to lose weight’ podcast episodes, in the video above. 

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