Hi Food, I’m Home! Episode 1

This podcast episode is about what to do, when you’re working too hard, eating too much, and don’t know where to start.

Chickpea, you’re in the right place, and here’s where to begin.

You’re going to find out:

  • Where to begin to find motivation to lose weight, when you’re discouraged by the fat you’ve gained.
  • Where to begin on a food psychology journey, when you’ve spent several decades doing your same struggle patterns, binge eating and emotional eating.
  • Where to begin picking up the pieces, when you have given yourself burnout in the name of working really hard and often used easy, sugary food to reward yourself.
  • How to take a more neutral approach when your brain is panicking, “I’ve got so fat!”, and you’re an ambitious woman and you can’t stop wanting to be thinner.
  • Why you’re working too hard eating too much. 

You’ll join me Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach and work emotions specialist, in a swimming pool changing room wearing a too-small supermarket-bought swimming costume, assessing the damage of a few months of solid overeating.

We’re going to talk body image, negative self-talk, weight stigma, the causes of overeating and using food for reward.

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