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Do you lose weight, then regain it all?


I have a video masterclass for you, that shows you the exact 21 ways to think and act that’ll make this year’s eating habit changes last a lifetime.


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’21 micro habits that make weight loss stick’ 

Here are the skills you need to learn, to say goodbye to overeating, and take a lifestyle approach to weight management.

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In the ’21 micro habits’ training, you’ll learn:



it’s not about food.

Eat what you choose!

Instead, strengthen your thoughts and actions.


to think better.

Control your brain.

Think right, stop giving in to urges, and you won’t even need a diet!

What ...

is the key to weight loss.

It’s not willpower.

It’s a set of skills. With these, you’ll be strong for change


to do, every day.

Tiny, daily acts.

How to become the detective solving your own weight mystery.

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This mini-course is for you, if:

  • You’re a hard-working person who strives for success (but fails around food) … This isn’t like you. In every other area of life, you set yourself a goal, and you do whatever it takes to get there.
  • You’re a parent – YOU’RE the grown-up now, so why haven’t you outgrown food struggle?  Sure, you don’t have much time – but this food thing was there before the kids. There must be reasons why other people can stick to things, but you can’t. 
  • You’re a coach who works with body or wellbeing, but needs a psychological edge… for those clients who agree to food goals, but next session say “I couldn’t do it”. What’s going on for them?
  • You’re a mother who’s preparing her daughter for teenhood or leaving home… You wish you could teach them what they need, but the truth is, you’ve only ever known dieting. This is all new.