Do you ever wonder… 

“How can I stop eating so much

after work?”

I’m Laura Lloyd, an eating psychology coach. I help people stop overeating.

If you’re feeling stuck into repeated overeating patterns after work, I have just THE THING to give you: a realistic way forwards.

I have made you a 1-page visual guide that makes the process of unlearning overeating (without denying yourself nice food) very clear to you. 


    Lose weight without dieting visual guide

    This visual guide is great to use as a poster or a reminder. It’ll show you, step-by-step:   

    • How you can actually learn to stop overeating.
    • Which skills you need to master in order to lose weight the modern way – through habit change
    • What the process of changing your eating psychology (your thoughts and feelings around food) looks like in practice. 
    Lose weight without a diet? Woman with a yoga mat reads a poster.

    You are welcome to request this guide without sharing your email address. If that’s you, message me at here.

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