Listen to Episode 9 of Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast: Why trying to stop binge eating is like a car chase.

In this video preview of the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast episode on trying to stop binge eating, Laura Lloyd talks about how to tell if you have BED (binge eating disorder).

Binge Eating Disorder has a specific set of symptoms, which I, Chickpea, even in my full-on bulimic days, may not have ‘qualified’ for.

I want you to know that even if your binges are occurring below a diagnosable level, there’s hope for change. 

In the run-up to our episode on Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast (it’s going to be called ‘Why trying to stop binge eating is like a car chase), let me share my experience of binge recovery with you.

I cover:

🥑 What binge eating is, and what official Binge Eating Disorder is.

🥑 Why wanting it to STOP isn’t necessarily the most helpful approach.

🥑 How you can begin to think about your binge eating differently.

If you think you have Binge Eating Disorder and other eating disorders, read more at BEAT website

I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater.

Watch this video to understand the difference between BED (Binge Eating Disorder) and sub-clinical binges, and to get a sense of why trying to stamp it out may not be the right approach.

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