Episode 12: Let’s go behind the scenes of your snacks-and Netflix habit. 

Binge-watching TV shows can allow us to go completely unconscious when we eat.

When I was working at night on a national newspaper newsdesk, I had a severe ‘Mad Men’ habit. And wow, every night was a cheese-and-wine party too. 

Many of my clients eat in front of the TV. For some of them it’s Youtube. For others, it’s Netflix.

Some of them are mums and dads who see late-night snacking as ‘time to themselves’ after the kids are in bed. 

Others still will eat dinner in front of the TV each night.

If feels like it’ll enhance each pleasure, whereas in reality, it’s diluting both!


I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, Stop Overeating Coach, certified hypnotherapist, and a recovered binge eater.

And in this episode, we take an in-depth look at two common TV eating styles, and what’s going on in our minds while we munch munch munch away. 

You’ll hear a snippet of me in bed, with my husband Chris, counting up the hours of Netflix we have watched, and you’ll also come for a walk in the woods behind my house.

You’ll learn:

🥑 Which of the 2 key TV eating styles you have.  

🥑 Binge watching TV shows countup: How many hours of Netflix I have watched in the last decade.

🥑 Why overworkers are prone to TV eating.

🥑 How to surface the thoughts the TV is masking.  

🥑 The key questions to ask yourself. 


After the episode, you’ll come for a walk in the woods with me and reflect on my own eating psychology journey during Season 1 of Hi Food, I’m Home!

Want to read something funny about binge watching habits?

I really enjoyed this article which takes a look at the current evidence on binge-watching TV shows and whether the phenomenon can be described as an ‘addiction’. 

And although tongue-in-cheek, this article had many relateable examples of a binge watching TV shows addiction. 

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