Episode 9: Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast

To stop binge eating, I would have sold my mother.

Yep, when I was 19 years old, I would have done literally anything if I thought I could walk through a door and never binge again. 

But that’s not really how I stopped. I didn’t just slam the brakes on. Or go to a special ‘anonymous’ meeting and swear to stop binge eating from this moment onwards.

In reality, it was a much more gradual process than that. It took me about 2 years. 

I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater.

And in this episode of the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast, I’m going to explain why the urge to stop binge eating originates in your fears, but also exacerbates your binge behaviours. 

You’ll learn:

🥑 Why the idea of ‘stopping’ might provoke a deprivation mindset and set you up for failure.  

🥑 Why your idea of stopping binge eating is exactly like Thelma and Louise.

🥑 What the alternative to ‘stopping’ binge eating is.

🥑 What the 2 main binge patterns I see among my clients are,

🥑 and how to diminish each particular type of binge.


After the episode, you can listen to a client describing the hidden changes she has made to her life, while on an eating psychology journey. 

Want a refresher on Thelma and Louise?

Read a synopsis and Rotten Tomatoes review here. 

Watch the video relating to this episode:

Binge eating disorder vs stopping a binge habit. 

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