Hi Food, I’m Home! BONUS Episode 4

No sooner has Halloween happened than we’re into Thanksgiving, and if you’re like me, you’re in need of some urgent Holiday eating tips so that you don’t overeat your way all through Christmas and to New Year. 

Chickpea, listen in to this episode, and I’ll show you exactly how, with a little planning, you can maintain your weight and not eat until you feel gross this Christmas. And if you follow these Holiday eating tips, you won’t need to restrict in the New Year either!

With these 4 killer Holiday eating tips, you’re going to find out:

  • How to handle a buffet like a pro and not pile your plate high.
  • How to handle the culture shock of working so so hard, and then being locked in with family, under pressure to ‘relax’ and ‘enjoy yourself’ (and ensure that everyone ELSE enjoys themselves too.
  • What to do about leftovers so you don’t use your body as a human dustbin.
  • How to manage your mind around opportunistic eating – you know: eating all the ‘goodies’ that are only in the shops once a year.

AND stay on until the end to hear more about working with me. 

You’ll join me Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach and work emotions specialist, as I take you on a hot date to the speciality aisle of Lidl.


Geneen Roth, Bite by Bite, has some great guidance on handling buffets. 


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