I love this song (Kae Tempest), the poetry of it, so much.

And I literally only heard it this morning. But I want to say before I explain, that I’m in no way implying she wrote it about work or overeating or the things that I take from it. Take a look at the vid below, and then I’ll explain more. 

Screen grab of a Kae Tempest video

We work too much. We strive too hard. We push ourselves. 

And then we rebel against our own constraints and pressure. Seeking release – for many of us, it’s overeating.

It’s a relief to stop trying. To be responsible for nothing and nobody. No body. 

How we work and how we eat go hand in hand. Overwork. Overeat. Eating over work. Eating over the emotions left over from work. 

We need to do more from real desire, less from fear of not being enough if we aren’t successful or productive enough.

More being, less doing. More listening to our bodies. More looking for our real contribution in the world, less working like efficient machines and then letting snacks and Netflix be the only ‘good bit’. 

“More desire
Less deceit
Less complex
More complete
Less Push
More Flow
Please –
Let Me Let Go”

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