Episode 8: Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast

Do you get tempted to eat for reward? Eating treats after dinner, because you ‘worked hard’ at cleaning up, for example?

Have you ever tried to pause and feel your feelings instead of reward-eating treats?

This episode takes you behind the scenes of a self-coaching process, as Stop Overeating Coach Laura Lloyd unstacks the dishwasher, and cleans up her emotional eating habits.

I’m Laura Lloyd, Stop Overeating coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater.

Reward, eating treats, and the psychology of self-incentive

You’ll learn:

🥑 What gets in the way of us feeling emotions.  

🥑 Why there’s no ‘reward’ mentality if we haven’t dramatised our own sacrifice to the world of work, or domestic work.

🥑 What live self-coaching really looks like.

The solution to eating for reward is to self-validate. 

It’s not to reward yourself with other consumables – with a bubblebath, or buying yourself nail polish instead of a bottle of wine after work.

It’s to tell yourself you’re glad for the efforts you made.

And, to remind yourself that the work you do is your choice, not martyrdom.

This will help, at the end of this episode: 

🥑 Audio meditation: Internally rewarding yourself for your good work today with gladness and self-validation.

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