Do you want to get beyond a weight loss mindset?

Do you actually want to stop overeating, but your brain keeps dwelling on the need to lose weight, fast?

It’s normal to start from dejection, and hopelessness, and hating our body shape. And to arrive with a lifetime of emotional baggage, past successes and failures.

But, we’re here to use eating psychology and life coaching to help us unlearn our overeating in a way that actually feels uplifting.

And that means setting down the battle with ourselves, and looking through different eyes.

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Let’s talk about the first episode of this season, which is: Where do I start to find motivation for a food psychology journey or for my weight loss? 

It’s so much of an issue isn’t it? 

Do you like my get up?  This supermarket swimming costume, right? And in this episode, I actually take you into the changing room with me. 

Because usually our motivation to get started with a new thing with our body, and with our eating, it all begins with a thoughts about our bodies, and a wish for things to be different. 

And quite often, that wish for things to be different shows up with some quite harsh self talk. 

I’m going to show you a different perspective. So that in this episode, you come with me and we both begin from a much more neutral place from a place which is one of self responsibility of self acceptance. I want to say self love, that might be a stretch for many of us. 

But without the kind of “oh my god, I can’t stand myself any longer.” 

“Oh my god, I stepped on the scale and kind of gave myself a shock and told myself this wasn’t alright, and I’ve got to sort things out.” 

That’s when most of us begin something new. And your food psychology journey usually begins from a place of desperation. 

And I gotta say, that sorting out my binge eating when I was 19 DID come from a place of desperation. You know why? Because I had to get really fed up with trying to, like, make efforts to lose weight before I was ready to go: “Do you know what? All I want is to eat normally.”

And for many of us, a food psychology journey is about how to learn to eat normally, how to learn to eat for maintenance. Right? 

How to learn the skills that I need lifelong, to be able to manage my eating impulses and my emotions around food before I ever go anywhere near trying to micromanage what I’m putting on my plate, or how much or how often I’m eating, right? 

So our food psychology journey is not going to be about “here’s a set of rules”, and imposing them on yourself. 

It’s much more a journey of self discovery, of understanding your own triggers, and understanding your own sensitivities and what you’re reacting to in your life, and how you’ve used food to get you through to cope, to incentivize yourself, to reward yourself with all of the rest of it. 

And there’s quite a lot there, right? Once, when I was at university, I made this list of like reasons I ate and I could see that there was about 30 different reasons on this list. I instantly felt overwhelmed. It was like “I am just a hot mess.” 

I don’t know where to start with my eating psychology. I’ve made so many attempts to change. Like so many different diets. I’ve tried so many different moments when I thought I had it and I’d lost weight, but then I regained it again. And now I’m so ashamed and disappointed. How do I begin again from these kinds of places? How do I begin a journey with all of my shitty history? 

So this episode is for you. If you feel like you’re dragging history, like a big wagging a crocodile tail, around with you.

This moment is a very special moment: this moment of taking the plunge and it’s got so much power and potential in it. 

And you just have to tap into that and really thank yourself for being like curious enough to sort of have that question. What else is possible other than what I’ve done so far? 

Yeah. So join me for this first episode. Join me in some echoey changing rooms wondering whether I bought the size too small. I think I did but you know what, it only cost me eight quid in a sale. Who cares? The kids said “Mum you got a too small one”. And you’ve got like this thing pressing on your head like you’re in some sort of vice. Oh man. How we get ourselves ready for action is a funny funny thing. 

So join me there’ll be there’ll be humour. It will be touching. It will be helpful. 

I’m there as a coach and I’m also there as a person myself, Laura Lloyd here on this journey with you. 

So it’s gonna be a good one. Make sure you tune in episode goes live 26th of October. Wednesday, 26th of October. 

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So in this little vid, I share:

  • How a food psychology journey is going to FEEL different to starting a weight loss regime, diet, or other self-improvement bootcamp.
  • A story from University days of discovering my motivations for eating when I wasn’t hungry.
  • How much my swimming costume actually cost.
  • How to make sure you catch the first episode of Hi Food, I’m Home! when it drops.

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