Right now, you probably don’t believe permanent, lifelong weight loss is possible.


I struggled to believe that too, says food psychology & weight loss coach Laura Lloyd.  In this post, she talks about believing something new, contrary to all the evidence racked up by our past failed attempts. 

I thought: “I regained the weight last time.” 

And: “Other people, may be able to. Not me, I’m more messed up than other people.”

My brain was wrong about that.Here’s what I have learned.

Believing in something isn’t a lightening-bolt shift. Don’t wait for the belief to come to you. 

When you first start trying to believe something new, it feels really untrue. That’s because the ‘feeling’ that something is ‘true’ comes from you repeatedly living in the emotion caused by those thoughts. So whatever you have practised thinking most often – “I messed up and regained, it’s so embarrassing” – THAT’s what will always feel the most true. 

To start believing a new belief, you might start by: 

  • flirting with the fantasy.
  • entertaining the idea.
  • wanting to believe it.
  • believing that in the future you will believe it.
  • noticing when you believe the opposite and saying. to yourself “or [this new belief] is also a possibility”.

While you don’t believe in yourself, just borrow my belief.

I believe you, can lose weight properly, and maintain it lifelong.

I believe that because:

1) I know I can teach you the skills, and

2) I know you can learn things, because you’re human. 

3) I help people achieve that all the time. It’s simple – some say easy, even. (pssst! I said EASY, not QUICK). 

4). It’s enjoyable. Why? Because this time, you’ll get to your best natural weight by doing things you’ll WANT to do your whole life. So you get to eat foods you choose, and foods you l❤️ve. AND because you’ll only get to weight loss this time (unlike every previous time) by forging a new relationship with yourself


Get out of your own way and give yourself a hope in hell, or a hope in heaven, or a hope in this life, or a freaking chance. 

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