In this video preview of the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast episode on restrictive eating, Laura Lloyd talks about why we can’t stick to a diet.

We might blame our weak-willed nature when we can’t stick to a diet, but really, Chickpea, you are just like all other humans.

The equal-but-opposite to our episode on striving, this session of Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast looks at how we unwittingly create failure with food and trigger our own overeating.

I cover:

🥑 Different types of restriction: physical and psychological

🥑 Why both the diet industry, and the anti-diet movement, hasn’t quite got this right.

I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater.

Watch this video to see why restriction is so much more than just not enough calories, and even extends to how we behave, as a result of our female conditioning, in the workplace.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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