Episode 7: Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast

Do you find that even if you’ve had a good meal, you can’t stop eating leftovers after dinner?

Why do you think you feel so compelled?

This episode will guide you to explore the ’emotional leftovers’ from your work day, and the prospect of the evening ahead after dinner. 

As well as the psychology dimension, this episode has practical advice to help you if you currently can’t stop eating leftovers after dinner. 

I’m Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach, weight loss life coach, and a recovered binge eater.

You’ll learn:

🥑 The psychology of leftovers – your workday and what it leaves you with.  

🥑 The practicality of leftovers – how to leave food on your plate, throw it away, or store it.

🥑 How our habit brains are wired by conditioning (often our families) to clean our plate and prevent waste.

🥑 Audio meditation: Making the transition from dinner to the evening ahead.

Looking for good recipes to use up leftovers?

I love Anna Jones’s cooking. 

Watch the video of the story behind this episode.

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