Hi Food, I’m Home! Episode 6

When you gained weight, feel horrible, and constantly remind yourself of how your clothes don’t fit and (according to your brain when you look in the mirror) “how fat you got”, you are digging yourself into a ditch of inaction.

Chickpea, listen in to this episode, and I’ll show you exactly how, with a little self-coaching, you can haul yourself out of your own pit of shit.

Weight loss motivation drops really low if we dwell on what we think of as being our past failures.

But what if regain were part of the learning process of lifelong weight management?

In this episode, I talk you through my very own ‘TEA’ sequence. It really is the most incredible tool.

When you apply this powerful CBT-inspired formula to your thinking, using my very own signature speedjournaling technique, you’ll get your own psychological first aid process. 

This ‘gained weight, feel horrible’ first aid process will show you:

  • What thoughts about yourself are causing your inertia.
  • How to find thoughts that are under your own radar.
  • What emotions have to do with motivation, even if you don’t feel very emotional.

AND stay on until the end to hear a meditation that’ll pipe into your ear positive thoughts about learning from your regain.

You’ll join me Laura Lloyd, food psychology coach and work emotions specialist, as I take you up the hill, in the rain, to my cabin, carrying a precarious teacup full of Japanese green tea.

Watch the video of the story behind this episode.


Other fab resources based around the Think, Feel, Act cycle from ACT & CBT therapy:

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