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Hey, Hard-working woman! This☝🏽 Hi Food I’m Home! trailer is for YOU.

Are you asking yourself: How do I stop overeating and emotional eating? Do you binge after work when you’re tired, stressed, or eat in front of Netflix when you need some ‘me time’? You need to go for a walk for 10 minutes and give yourself the support of listening to the Hi Food I’m Home! trailer. 

It’s no surprise: our work lives are hard. And food is always there for us at the end of the day: it’s addictively rewarding. When we’re tired, it’s so easy to develop overeating habits that sabotage our weight loss attempts and are the reason we don’t stick to diets. 

On the way, I’ll be sharing how I recovered from 7 years of binge eating, lost 20lb through habit change, and I’ll be bringing you into real moments from my kitchen, my home life, and my work life as a recovering work-stress overeater too. 

You’ll get life coaching practical tools and tips based on my own unique CBT and hypnotherapy methods, and come away loving yourself more and more each time.  

The Story Behiind Hi Food I'm Home! video

Watch a video of the story behind the Hi Food, I’m Home! podcast and see the actual self-help product that saved me from 7 years of binge eating. 

I’m Laura Lloyd, (the one talking to you on the Hi Food I’m Home! trailer – just click and have a listen!).

I’m a certified food psychology coach and weight loss life coach.

I’ll be here every two weeks, uplifting your heart, and walking with you while you diminish your binges and lose your weight. 

Only this time, no diets are needed: we’re going to do this the sensible, modern and psychologically informed way – the only way that’ll equip you for life – one habit at a time.

Yes, Chickpea, like I tell you in the Hi Food, I’m Home! trailer, it’s time for you to come on a big fat food psychology adventure. 

The Hi Food I'm Home! trailer being made by weight loss life coach Laura Lloyd

Hang on till the end of each episode, too, where you’ll get a few minutes of hypnotic audio meditation to nourish your brain with powerfully positive thoughts! 

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