Hi Food, I’m Home!

Understanding After-Work Overeating

Podcast launches October 26th 2022

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Podcast cover art by Laura Lloyd Hi Food, I'm Home! shows eating psychology and weight loss life coach Laura Lloyd licking her finger eating peanut butter from a jar

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Hi Food, I’m Home! is a new podcast about why we overeat after work.

Hey, Hard-working woman! Listen up!

Laura Lloyd, Weight Loss Life Coach and specialist in work-related emotions, is going to talk you through her own personal breakthroughs in curbing overeating and losing the weight of emotional eating.

This season, she’ll take you deep into the saucepan cupboard where she once stuck her head and screamed (parenting low point) and into the calm of the changing room at the swimming pool to check out her naked fat rolls in a full-length mirror.

In Hi Food, I’m Home! you’ll hear step-by-step advice…

…on how to think differently about food, body image, lose your weight for the last time and change your relationship with food for good.

You’ll learn the exact tools Laura Lloyd uses in her CBT & Hypnotherapy-informed coaching sessions, and you’ll learn how to start applying them to yourself so you can begin to lose weight without restriction or diet thinking.

Hi Food, I’m Home! has a little hypnotherapy snippet at the end of each episode.

Whether you listen in while you’re walking, folding washing, going for a run, or doing food prep, you can take a few minutes at the end of each recording, guided by Laura, to think  useful positive thoughts and create weight loss motivation and self-love.

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