You enjoyed a podcast (like Hi Food, I’m Home!) on Apple, and you know that leaving a review would be a huge help to the podcast maker.

But you don’t know how to review a podcast on Apple. I hear you! I had never done it before either.

You should know:

When you leave a review, you are helping someone else find the podcast. They may desperately need some help with their eating or mental wellbeing for example.

It’s easy. It takes 2 mins.

It’s not connected to your identity. You use a funny pseudonym so it’s anonymous.

You don’t have to write in any detail. A few words will do.

You can (at the time of writing this) review first, and listen later. That means, you don’t actually have to listen to it in fact.

It helps the podcast maker. It boosts the algorithm, dahling.

Here’s a 2-minute video of how to do it. I show you on my actual iphone. That easy.


How to review (Apple podcasts)

Here’s how to do it in a nutshell:

1. If you have an Apple phone, download the free purple podcasts app. 

2. Search ‘Hi Food, I’m Home!’. Click the three dots top right corner to Follow it. 

3. Go to the library icon at the bottom of the page. 

4. Click on Hi Food, I’m Home! in your library and scroll down to the reviews section. 

5. You can write just a few words.

6. The pseudonym part is the last part it asks you for.

Thank you, it REALLY HELPS.

Here’s how they come out… 

Reviews for the Hi Food, I'm Home! podcast

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